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Printer Logger Software

It really helps to get a hand on printer logging. If you think about it, there are just so many departments that have constant access to office printers, as well as printing paraphernalia. At first bat, you would not really question the necessity of printing because printing is indeed a necessity in the office. This is especially true when you are operating an enterprise in the publishing industry. However, if you really think about it, outlining all of your expenses when it comes to printing - from ink, cartridges, and paper right down to the cost of purchasing the printer itself -, you just might be surprised how much you spend on just printing each month!

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It is important to keep track of all printing activities that take place in the office setting. By using printer logging software, you can do this endeavor more efficiently. Now, this goes without saying that there are employees who are just a little bit abusive when it comes to using office equipment and when it comes to printing. Our print logging software does the rest!

How will the printer logger save your company money?

The printer logger software is a solution that pays for itself from first minutes by allowing your company to:
  • Outline all of your printing expenses
  • Detect and expel printer usages without authority
  • Monitor printers' activity and prevent printer usage for personal use
  • View, export and print log journals
  • Calculate and tell printers usage for each employee
  • Automate monitoring and accounting for multiple printers
  • Notify to the Office Manager about selected events on a printer
  • Notify about printing of confidential or prohibited documents

"We purchased the printer logger from AGG Software over a year ago, and it has been a valuable addition to our office management system. The controls are intuitive and the operation is very reliable. AGG Software was willing to work with us to get exactly the functionality we needed. To top it off, the price was unbeatable. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for this printer logging software to take a good look at what AGG Software has to offer."

Don Smith
IT Specialist
Maryan Engr. and Controls Co.

Our printer logger keeps track of who uses what printer at what time, let alone how many times in a day each of your printers is used! Detailed reports are then stored inside a database that you can easy access to control abusive users. The program stores all details about printer events; therefore you can get detailed reports!

Is this printer logger can be used in big and medium organizations?

Yes! Our printer logger can be installed on one server and used together with a centralized database and acquire data from several local or remote printers simultaneously!

Unlike other printing logging software on the market, this printer logging tool uses performance, robust and scalable architecture with many plug-ins, which you may easily adjust to your needs. Different from the rest? You bet. Unlike other software tools our printer logger software provides detailed reports, which you can adjust to your needs too!

Is the printer logger cost effective?

Yes. The printer logger usually pays for itself within several months. It extremely reduces the time required by the IT specialist to monitor the printer state in the big, middle or small company. It can significantly reduce monthly print cost up to 10%, because allows eliminate printer usage for personal use and help to change employee behaviour and involving them in the cost-savings process! The savings can be very real.

"We have been using the AGG Software printer logger during the last year having excellent results. We were able to save Hundreds of Hours per year by fully automating our printers monitoring job and save many Thousands of Dollars per year in saved time.

I only wish that I had found Accurate Printer Monitor sooner because we could have saved so much more Time and Money. I highly recommend that you buy this printer logging software."

Adam Whalley
Production Manager

What's new in v4

  • Windows x64 - our printer logger software can work on all Windows x64 versions
  • PrinerLogger Service - the printer logger software can operate as a Windows Service
  • User Management - Allows grant access to reports and statistics from remote computers for authorized personnel only
  • Internal Web Server - users can see company or individual reports from theirs favorite browsers
  • Printer logger - automatically detects when the printer or print server goes offline, and restores logging when the printer comes back
  • Notifications - the printer logger can send notification via email
  • Plus More...

The Printer Logger Software Features

  • Can log data from local, remote or network printers
  • Many reports, which you may save to Adobe PDF or MS Word files
  • Can log events from several printers simultaneously
  • Supports monochrome and color printers
  • Can work with most popular databases (MSSQL, MS Access, MySQL, etc)
  • You can calculate cost for each printer, paper size or print quality
  • The printer logger can send selected reports to administrators by schedule
  • Real-time system that populates a database in real-time
  • Built-in web server that support table and graphics reports

"I have purchased Accurate Printer Monitor in the past and have fully tested it within our offices. I've added this required tool to our maintenance department due to its unique ability to read information about all printer events with no complicated setups making it ideal for our maintenance staff. It's assistance to maintaining printers makes it indispensable!"

Steven Isaksson
Senior Automation and Controls Systems Engineer
Pental Systems

The Printer Logger Benefits

Exposes Printing of Confidential Documents

  • Clamp down on security leaks
  • Raise level of security

Real-Time Logging and Reporting

  • Real-time printer logging - you don't need wait a time to get printer usage reports
  • Real-time reporting on the occurrence of events

Reduces Print Cost

  • Expels unauthorized use of work supplies
  • Log, monitor and notify about most abusive users
  • Allows purchase precise quantity of inventories for the next periods

Helps IT Specialists Maintain Printers

  • Detailed information of all the print jobs ever processed by each of printers
  • Stores historical data to analyze replacement life, trends and print costs
  • Creates notifications about printer problems (paper out)

"I have been using the printer logger on and off for the past several weeks and am very pleased with the software. So happy with this tool, I have added money to a budget, which is out for approval, to purchase another license by the end of the year for our other office. Thanks for all the tech support and I hope to order another Accurate Printer Monitor soon."

Adam C. Self
IT Manager

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